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Powerful Hairdryer Portable 2000 W

Powerful Hairdryer Portable 2000 W

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Professional Ionic 2000W Hair Dryer

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  • Quick drying.
  • No extreme heat.
  • Developed for different types of hair.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Low noise design. Intelligent heat control.
  • The hair dryer offers you a better solution for your hair at home, on the go or in the office.

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Our powerful, portable 2000 W hair dryer is your perfect companion for fast and efficient hair dryers. This compact hair dryer gives you the freedom to perfect your hairstyle anywhere. With its impressive performance and portability, you can style your hair with ease, be it at home or on the go. Say goodbye to damp hair and hot styling options, because our powerful hair dryer is your solution for instant drying and styling. Get the luxury of a professional blow dryer in your own home and enjoy effortless styling whenever you want. Enjoy the comfort and style of being ready to go with the Power Hairdryer Portable 2000 W.


Hair dryer, powerful, portable, 2000 W, styling, quick drying, professional, compact, hair care, on-the-go, efficient.

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  • Negative ion technology produces negative ions that smooth the hair and retain moisture. Makes hair much gentler while styled for a lighter, less frizzy finish. It also allows the hair to withstand much higher heat without causing harm.
  • Sends out huge negative ions to eliminate frizz, keep hair moisture resistant and maintain hair health. Provides a uniform distribution of heat that penetrates the hair quickly and evenly from the inside out, drying and conditioning the hair in a fraction of the time. Increase shine to get silky soft results.

Removable rear filter for easy cleaning

Double safety net, prevents hair from twisting in the channel. The dryer always runs with high efficiency, is easy to clean and durable.


Variable speed, protection from constant temperature and balanced heat for optimal hair control and versatility.

Suitable for different hairstyles and drying times as well as for heating and cooling for different hair types.

Professioneller Ionic  2000W Haartrockner


I just need a little pressure.

Cold shot settings for maximum flexibility when drying and styling

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2.5 M line

Ever stuck because the line is too short?

Here we offer you a hair dryer with a 2.5m line that you can use freely.

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